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Friday, October 9th, 2015
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Why Join ACG?


There are many reasons to become an ACG Raleigh Durham member, here are just a few:

People, Resources, and Relationships

It's the people in the room!  We all know that a key to success in growing a business is having the right resources at the right time.  At ACG Raleigh Durham we put the top business professionals together in a setting that facilitates relationship building and the sharing of knowledge.  This community is enhanced by the limits placed on non-member attendance – creating a true membership organization.

In addition, your ACG membership provides you an opportunity to connect and build relationships with top growth professionals beyond the RTP area.  To learn how you can leverage your membership to expand your network around the country please visit to learn about ACG events across the country and beyond!


  • Value – Chapter members receive a reduced price for all Raleigh Durham chapter events. 
  • Access – Member events include breakfast and dinner meetings featuring high caliber speakers and time for relationship building among members and guests; programs for CFOs, CDOs and Emerging Dealmakers as well as  golf outings and our signature Capital Conference.
  • Involvement – Our ACG chapter has many active committees that you are encouraged to join to have an impact on our organization.
  • Networking – A number one benefit of membership; chapter meetings provide members with an opportunity to meet seasoned professionals who share similar interests yet may not be in your current network. And, the next time you’re traveling, be sure to connect with fellow ACG members.
  • Education – Members have the opportunity to leverage knowledge both on a local and national basis – the kind of intel that helps all of us do our jobs better. You have access to timely articles organized by topic on the ACG website, a monthly M&A Magazine addressing trends and lessons learned and monthly local, topic-based meetings.
  • Perks – A wide variety of publications and opportunities related to specialty areas within corporate growth – such as valuation, tax issues and insurance – are all available to ACG members
  • Resources – ACG’s website, a portal of corporate growth information worldwide, invites members to personalize their home pages with high-value information.


For more information regarding membership, please contact Debra Michie (

Membership Application Process

ACG Raleigh-Durham seeks to maintain a membership balance of high-level corporate executives, private equity partners, and senior legal, finance, and service professionals.


Membership in Raleigh Durham Chapter is selective, not everyone who applies is accepted. Potential members are encouraged to attend a chapter event(s) and and discuss membership with board members, the executive director, or the VP Membership in advance of completing an application.

Membership Applications MUST be completed online (HERE)

Membership Approval Guidelines by Applicant Type:

Type A

The following primary occupations are granted automatic approval:

Corporate: A member who works for a company (public or private) and whose job description includes growing the company organically, through acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances, strategic planning, product development, licensing, franchising, etc.

Corporate Counsel

Corporate Development – NOT sales, but strategic acquisitions role

Corporate Finance – NOT investment bankers, advisors or lenders – this category refers only to CFOs, Treasurer, Controller, etc

Corporate Management – Member influences the development of corporate growth of an operating company, i.e. Chairman, CEO, COO, Principal or owner, VP

·         Firms in categories of Consulting, Recruiting, Advisors (Technology, Valuator, Wealth Manager), Insurance, Real Estate must follow Advisor rules below

Corporate Management : Entrepreneur – A leader who identifies a need, organizes and manages any enterprise, usually with considerable initiative and innovation. This includes sourcing and organizing the required resources, and taking the associated risks and rewards

Capital Providers

Equity Group Managing Fund

Equity Group Not Managing Fund (Independent Sponsors)

Family Offices

Venture Capital

Hedge Fund

Lender – Senior Debt

Lender – Mezzanine

Lender – Other

Limited Partner

Commercial Banker


Type B

The following primary occupations are approved with restrictions

Attorney – must be partner level

Accountant – must be partner level


Type C

The following primary occupations require approval from the Executive Committee. Applicants must show a direct relationship to the M&A process

Advisor: Consultant – member is a consultant that provides strategic advisory services to corporate and/or service providers

 Advisor: Recruiter – member is an executive or other personnel recruiter for either full or part time employees

 Advisor: Technology – member is a technology provider whose services include hardware, software, internet or databases, etc. This includes M&A data services.

 Advisor: Valuator – member is a business valuator and/or compiles statistics for valuations

 Advisor: Wealth Manager – members employed by a wealth management firm

 Advisor: Other – member provides other services to corporate and/or equity groups but does not fit into any of the above categories such as Insurance (transaction or benefit), Real Estate, sale-lease back or Temporary C-level executives

 Community: Educators – member is employed by a college or university

 Community: Government – member is employed by State, Federal or Local Government

 Community: Other Non Profit Leaders

 Other: member has a profession not listed above


Type D

Emerging DealMakersmembers are under 35 and do not qualify for membership in any of the categories above

Full Membership – Emerging DealMaker members who have attended the Accelerator Program are eligible to become full ACG members with all rights and privileges

Emerging DealMaker Membership – members pay $100 per year for limited membership that includes:

·         Emerging Dealmaker Member Directory

·         Access to 3 Full ACG events per year at the member rate (one must be the member only kick off)

·         Access to all Emerging Dealmaker ACG events at the member rate


 Special Circumstances

Sponsors – Annual sponsors are eligible for membership regardless of category, however,  members must be partner level or business owners

 Membership applications are reviewed by the Executive Committee monthly. The VP Membership/Executive Director are responsible for communicating with all applicants regarding the status of their membership applications.


Membership Overview

Membership Overview

ACG is a membership organization comprised of business owners, executives, and qualified growth oriented professionals. We are looking for members who demonstrate the highest professional and ethical standards and have a commitment to actively participate in, and contribute to, Chapter activities. In general, our members represent middle market companies (operating companies with minimum revenue of $5 million) and members of the business community who support corporate growth in this market segment.

Prospective members of our Chapter are invited to attend Chapter events so they can experience an ACG meeting before they decide to join. The chapter policy is to allow a qualified guest to attend up to three meetings as a non-member.

Membership dues of $325 per year and a one-time initiation fee of $200 (waived for Corporate and Equity Members) are due when the applicant is approved for membership. We invite you to learn more about the benefits of ACG Membership.

All members are asked to focus on building relationships within the Chapter and all are prohibited from using their membership to directly solicit business and or jobs from other ACG members, guests and speakers.
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