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Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
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It’s not just words on a page for ACG RTP, we are truly committed to the growth of our members and respective companies. And, because we know that the mix in the room is as important as the insight that we share, ACG RTP maintains a careful balance of corporate, finance and service professionals. Each membership application is board reviewed. Service partners who express an interest may be temporarily placed on a waiting list. For additional information regarding our requirements, please feel free to contact Debra Michie.

Listed below are the primary membership categories. They are: Corporate (“C”), Equity Group (“EG”), or Service (“S”). Within each of the three categories of membership are subclassifications.

Corporate ("C")
A member who works for a company (public or private) and whose job description includes growing the company organically, through acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances, strategic planning, product development, licensing, franchising, etc. The member may be a staff corporate development officer, a CFO, a CEO, or president depending on the size and resources of the company. Subclassifications include:

  • CD – Corporate Development: member is VP corporate development, VP strategic planning, VP new business development, etc.
  • CF – Corporate Finance: member is chief financial officer, treasurer, controller, etc.
  • CM – Corporate Management: member is chairman, chief executive officer, chief operating officer, etc.
If you are an executive in transition please contact Debra Michie to learn more about our Executive in Transition membership.

Equity Group ("EG")
A member who works for an equity group and whose job description includes purchasing ownership interests in companies (public or private) for the purpose of growing the companies through internal growth, add-on acquisitions, consolidations, joint ventures, alliances, licensing, franchising, etc. with the ultimate goal to exit from the investment through a partial or complete sale of the company to a third party, a recapitalization, or an IPO. The member is usually a partner, principal officer, associate, or analyst with the equity group and has an opportunity to participate in the equity ownership of the acquired companies. The equity group may be managing an equity fund, investing their own funds, or investing on behalf of individuals and/or institutions on a case by case basis. Membership classifications include:

  • EGF – Member is employed by an equity group which is managing a committed equity fund.
  • EGU – Member is employed by an equity group which is not managing a committed equity fund.

Service ("S")
A member who generates income from providing services to corporate and/or equity group members. Service members include: intermediaries such as business brokers and investment bankers; asset based, cash flow, senior, and mezzanine lenders; attorneys; accountants; strategy consultants; valuators; recruiters; etc. Subclassifications include:

  • SAC – Accountant: member is an accountant whose services include providing tax, audit, and/or accounting advice to corporate and/or equity group members.
  • SAT – Attorney: member is an attorney whose services include advising corporate and/or equity group members.
  • SCO – Consultant: member is a consultant whose services include providing strategic planning advice to corporate and/or service members.
  • SIY – Intermediary: member is an intermediary whose services include bringing buyers and sellers together and/or identifying sources of debt and equity financing.
  • SLE – Lender: member is an asset based, cash flow, senior, or mezzanine lender.
  • SOT – Member provides other services to corporate and/or equity groups but does not fit into any of the above categories.
  • SRE – Recruiter: member is an executive or other personnel recruiter for either full-time or part-time employees.
  • STE – Technology: member is a technology provider whose services include hardware, software, Internet, or databases, etc.
  • SVA – Valuator: member is a business valuator and/or compiles statistics for use in valuations.
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