DEI Policy & Resources

DEI Policy & Resources

In the newly created ACG DEI policy, ACG has made a commitment to the “vision of a diverse, equitable and inclusive middle-market” by, among other items, intentionally cultivating diverse leadership and representatives within all levels of ACG.  

Research conducted on behalf of ACG as well as the industry¹ indicate a strong lack of diversity – especially among race/ethnicity and gender – in ACG’s membership, among attendees of ACG events, and within the industry at large 

ACG embarks, under the leadership of ACG volunteers, to achieve the following: 


  • Unlock access to new Opportunities for middle market deal-makers.


  • Design a blueprint for inclusion throughout the ACG ecosystem.


  • Inspire middle-market companies to embrace greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to drive growth. 


  • A clear statement to the middle-market that ACG is committed to creating opportunities for all voices. 

ACG intends to organically, and intentionally, include this policy in all we do going forward. Please check back for more resources to help you, your business, and your portfolio companies make strides to actively contribute to a robust middle market and ensure a home for young professionals of all backgrounds.    

Volunteer Leaders:

Martin Okner, 
President and CEO

Christina Bui
Chief Revenue Officer/SVP Business Development
Kranz Consulting  

Cornelia Cheng
Managing Director, Western Region Investments
Brightwood Capital Advisors

Rich Grant
Director | Business Development
Northlane Capital Partners, LLC

  1. Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report, “Representation of Minorities and Women in Management and practices to Promote Diversity, 2007-2015”; ACG DEI Survey conducted by McKinley Advisors, 2020.