The Polsinelli/TrBK Distress Indices and Ten Years of Trends, Capitalizing on Change in Healthcare


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April 21, 2021 9 AM - 10 AM CDT

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Polsinelli lawyers from Chicago and Nashville  will present the historical and current findings from the Polsinelli/TrollerBK Distress Research Indices. The indices were developed as a way to track business distress on Main Street before it may show up on Wall Street, to help give businesses new information for plotting their economic strategies, and to give insight into potential acquisition opportunities and sectors. Our presenters will discuss general trends in distress over the past several years and the methodology of the indices. In addition to the index tracking general US economic distress, the panel will also present detailed findings regarding the recent rise in distressed healthcare filings and follow-ups on the causes of distressed health care

Hosted by: ACG