Speak Up! Developing Your Unique Voice; Part 1 of the “Voices” Series

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December 3, 2020 3:30 PM - 5 PM CST

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ACG Chicago Women’s Network presents the first installment of its Voices Series. A panel of esteemed, successful women will discuss how they discovered and harnessed their authentic voices to stand apart from the crowd. Some topics for discussion include:

  • How can a woman hone her personality traits to achieve her purpose? How did you build certain parts of YOUR personality to give you an edge in your career? When did you become comfortable being yourself?
  • Talk about the “negative” stigma behind certain traditionally female behaviors and trying to act as if “one of the boys.” What are common “female” characteristics and why they are viewed negatively. How can we turn those “weak” behaviors into “strong” behaviors? What were your “weak” behaviors and how did you tailor them to become more successful?
  • How do we captivate our audience and make our presence known? What have you learned to be an effective way in getting everyone’s attention. What have you seen others do when they capture the audience’s attention?
Hosted by: ACG