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“ACG Cup was one of the most valuable experiences in my graduate career. The competition provided an opportunity to combine theory with application in a real world simulation. I was called upon to engage a multi-disciplinary construct, within a team environment, under rigorous time constraints, to deliver a superior client solution.”    Dan Barnett, Senior Portfolio Manager, Johnson Investment Counsel

ACG Cup, a national case study competition, facilitated relationship-building and focused educational opportunities for MBA students with deal making professionals in the world’s financial markets. The competition was carried out through a series of intra-school competitions during the winter term by the business colleges of major universities nationwide.  Chapter winners were awarded the prestigious ACG Cup title and cash rewards. 

For more than a decade, the Cincinnati chapter hosted a spirited competition between the MBA teams of Miami University’s Farmer School of Business, University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business and Xavier University’s Williams College of Business. 

After a strategic decision by ACG Global, ACG Cup is now on hiatus after many wonderful competitions between our talented local MBA teams.  Over the course of the Cup, we met so many rising stars on the student teams, and enjoyed the camaraderie that developed each year.

We thank all of the volunteers who championed the program, coached our teams, and particularly appreciate the leadership from Woody Taft, Aric Hassel, and Mike Neugent. 

Enjoy these memories!


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