Corporate Development

Driving Middle Market Growth Resulting in Job Opportunities, Capital Formation and Advancement of Meaningful Business Relationships

ACG Detroit’s Corporate Development Alliance offers exclusive, strictly peer-to-peer, events  for Corporate Development Officers and other corporate transactional executives to share experiences and best practices while developing business relationships in a convenient, enjoyable and relaxing setting.

Our invitation-only gatherings ensure that Corporate Development professionals will have the opportunity to network, compare strategies, and share ideas and experiences with their peers to help improve their acquisition or other transaction success.

  • No service providers
  • Only corporate development professionals
  • Audience-developed content ensures relevance
  • Relationship development opportunities
  • Free exchange of ideas
  • Six events a year – mix of roundtable discussions, relevant speakers and social events
  • At your discretion
    • Full array of local, professional resources
    • Chapter-wide educational opportunities


For more information our on CDA network:

Kurt Harvey, Chair





**To register for any of the above events, you must contact ACG Detroit.