WEBINAR: China Plus One: Unlocking Opportunities in Asia-Pacific

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June 13, 2018 1 PM - 2 PM CDT




For the last 20 years, western companies invested heavily in China primarily along the coastal regions, capitalizing on low production costs, significant tax incentives for establishing manufacturing plants and the enormous domestic market potential. However, in recent years many of these financial advantages have diminished. How should firms diversify? Establish in neighboring regions or move to interior regions within China?

Asia-Pacific markets may just be the answer. Over the past five years, these markets benefited from strong economic growth and infrastructure development. As a result, the Asia-Pacific markets currently offer western companies numerous business advantages, including lower labor costs, favorable taxation structures, increased market stability and strong GDP growth.

Join this panel of experts to explore how your firm might benefit from a "China Plus One" strategy.

Highlights include:

  • Asia-Pacific market expansion and GDP trends
  • Mitigating the China risk
  • Value creation strategies, including operational optimization and market expansion
  • Investment landscape in Asia-Pacific, including tax incentives, labor rates and production costs
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Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions both in advance of, and during, the webinar. Email your questions to events@acg.org.

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