WEBINAR: Healthcare M&A: Is the future clear or blemished?

Apex Leaders

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September 18, 2018 1 PM - 2 PM CDT




M&A activity in the healthcare industry rose to its peak volume in 2015. Although aggregate activity has declined since, historically robust deal value suggests that healthcare M&A is still going strong and entering its final stages. Further supporting this trend, 20% of Apex Leaders business has been comprised of healthcare focused diligence projects. For the last five years, we’ve witnessed notable investments and successful divestitures, begging questions:

  • How long will the healthcare industry continue to be a strong investment source?
  • How do you know when a subsector is played out?
  • Is it too late to enter the market?
  • What should investors be mindful of when investigating in a new sector? 

In this webinar, top industry experts who have advised on opportunities in the dermatology space will explore the lessons learned in a competitive subsector, and how they can lead sound investment strategy in the broader healthcare industry and beyond.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions during the webinar. 

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