WEBINAR: Putting Middle Market M&A on Top: Past, Present & Future


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December 6, 2017 12 PM - 1 PM CST




Putting Middle Market M&A on Top: Past, Present & Future

Middle-market M&A deal-makers are facing as competitive a landscape as any time in the last decade. Dry powder in private equity vehicles has reached all-time highs, while public equity valuations and cash on corporate balance sheets continue to climb.

At the same time, the M&A boom of the last few years has left fewer viable targets in the market, wrenching up the pressure on diligence and deal sourcing. Private valuations have soared along with their public counterparts, but opportunities remain in select sectors and segments of the market.

Join ACG and a panel of PitchBook analysts for a discussion of these themes, as well as other key trends affecting the U.S. middle market. Highlights include:

  • PAST: The middle market has been impacted by the same forces that have been driving broader M&A activity, including rising valuations and deal sizes.
  • PRESENT: Current financial sponsor and strategic acquirer trends and their ever-evolving role in middle-market M&A
  • FUTURE: The role that middle-market companies play in the M&A landscape will continue to evolve, due to change in financial sponsor behavior, tax policy, regulations and more.


Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions both in advance of, and during, the webinar. Email your questions to Kristen Romeo, manager, meetings & education, with ACG Global at kromeo@acg.org.







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