WEBINAR: Renegotiating your lease during COVID-19


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April 1, 2020 12 PM - 1 PM CDT




Private equity groups often overlook or discredit the real estate components of a transaction in a business acquisition or operations. Significant value can be unlocked through the strategic evaluation of owned and leased real estate. Specially during the current crisis, appropriate lease negotiations and restructuring strategies can be applied to the leasehold real estate to create immediate rental savings through abatements, deferrals and postponements or create long-term stability and satisfy operational and financial corporate objectives. Join Glen Kunofsky, Nico DePaul, Eddie Otocka and Madison O’Connor as they discuss how appropriate lease negotiating strategies can be applied to leasehold real estate in your current portfolio during the current crisis to help companies achieve a stable lease and increase corporate EBITDA.

At the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to

  • Create immediate rental savings through abatements, deferrals, and postponements
  • Restructure leases for future savings
  • Optimize occupancy to survive during mandatory closures

Attendees can ask questions during the webinar. 


Madison O'Connor

Vice President
STNL Advisors

Eddie Otocka

STNL Advisors
Senior Managing Director

Nico DePaul

Senior Managing Director
STNL Advisors

Glen Kunofsky

Founder and President
STNL Advisors

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