WEBINAR: Your ERP Adventure: A Guide for Preventing Jurassic Disasters

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January 18, 2018 1 PM - 2 PM CST




Your ERP Adventure: A Guide for Preventing Jurassic Disasters

When it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP), it’s a jungle out there. More often than not, the implementation goes poorly and becomes costly, resulting in delays and/or loss of benefits. Plus, the more companies you have in the portfolio or are pursuing for acquisition, the greater the challenges leaving your resources tied up dealing with enormous teething troubles instead of out chasing deals.

But there’s a better world of ERP implementation, one that isn’t problematic, painful or perilous. In fact, for private equity firms, standardizing to a modern, cloud-based platform across all portfolio companies is an extremely savvy move—one that can yield value and drive profitability right away, not just at some point in the future.

Join ACG and a panel of experts for a lively discussion of the best practices that make ERP a walk in the park, not a run through the jungle. Highlights include:

  • Know the terrain. Gain a solid understanding of the business value and benefits associated with standardizing to more modern platform technology solutions across all portfolio companies.
  • Be better equipped. Learn best practices for ensuring a successful ERP implementation.
  • Bring your team. Gain insights into the “people part” of implementation, as well as change management tools and techniques that private equity firms can consider, as they bring change to their portfolio companies.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions both in advance of, and during, the webinar. Email your questions to events@acg.org.







Jason Muhlstein
Technology Consulting Services Leader
Wipfli LLP - CPAs & Consultants





Michael Vaccarella
Managing Director
Private Equity and Transaction Advisory Services
Wipfli LLP - CPAs & Consultants





Jeffrey Wulf
Resident Change Management Expert
Wipfli LLP - CPAs & Consultants


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