Thought Leadership

This was the question put to some 70 guests at the start of a networking lunch, hosted by ERM at the CIRCL in Amsterdam. At the start around 55% of participants voted yes, 18% no and 27% were unsure.

In March 2018, Jeroen Kruithof, CEO Virtual Vaults (pictured above) brought ACG Holland members and guests up to speed with the steps you need to take to prepare for the new GDPR legislation and how t

More than half of startups and venture-stage companies will not grow beyond their current size, and may even decrease in scale, for two key reasons: they lack the right management to steer their growt

We live in a volatile and uncertain world. Business models are evolving, customer needs changing and technological disruptions we could not foresee 5-10 years ago are radically transforming the organi

The disruptive political events and social unrest of 2016 may pose significant operational and strategic risk for businesses, according to the Global Risks 2017 report. With events at the ballot box a