ACGLA Connections (on-line intro system)


     “ACG LA Connections” is an on-line introduction system that matches members with one another, based on an algorithm that matches mutual interests. ACG Connections is focused on finding more and better ways to connect members. A key benefit of your ACG Connections membership is making new connections to help generate deal-flow! 

     To add value to your ACG membership, we offer this complimentary, one-to-one peer networking program. Participation is voluntary. If you choose to join, ACG Connections will arrange tailored 1-on-1 introductions between you and your fellow ACG Connections colleagues! We hope you seize this opportunity to expand your network!

     Upon joining our chapter, you will receive an email on how to get started.  You'll set up your profile in four minutes and
select the frequency of introductions (weekly, bi-monthly or monthly).   The following week, the system will send you your first intro via email. Drop that person an email, give them a call or arrange for a coffee. After the connection, be sure to tell the system if this was a good match for you (the algorithm will get smarter over time).