Middle-Market Professional Certification Program

Are you new to the middle market or in need of a middle-market M&A refresher course? 

Empower yourself, propel your career trajectory, and improve your employability with ACG’s new Middle Market Professional certification program. For the first time, M&A up-and-comers and mavericks alike, can take advantage of a program that’s designed to educate, test and reward.

Find your inner middle marketer and cement your place within the community by accessing this direct pipeline to career development. Expect to start at ground zero with financial markets, move on to merger modeling and cover all the regulatory roadblocks. This is IRL stuff – delivered to at your pace and home base.

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Expect the Middle-Market Professional certification program to cover:

  • Financial Markets Overview 
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Projections
  • Comprehensive Valuation Analysis
  • How to Create Robust Financial Models
  • Merger Modeling
  • The M&A Process, A-Z
  • Regulatory, Legal and Ethical Considerations


Middle Market Professional Certification Program

There are no pre-qualifications required to leverage this valuable course. However, there's an estimated 60-hour self-study commitment. Gain superior financial training within a well-designed educational hub... at your own pace.

Explore and master key concepts centered on/around M&A, private equity, investment banking, accounting, corporate finance advisory, valuation and other financial services fields. Then, test for certification, improving your visibility within the middle market.

Contact events@acg.org with any questions. 


Certification Course Cost: $1,895*

*Plus taxes if applicable.

Check back as more details develop.