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Tom Bohn
ACG CEO and President

It’s the third Monday of the new year.

For many of you, especially those outside the United States, it’s just another Monday.

Some of you will receive this message at work, some at home, and

In the wake of George Floyd’s death this year, Martin Okner, Association for Corporate Growth® (ACG)
Chairman of the Board of Directors and dpHUE President and COO, convened a Diversity, Equity, and

CHICAGO, December 2, 2020 – Association for Corporate Growth® (ACG), the global dealmaking network, announced its annual leadership appointments for the upcoming year, reflecting a governance overhaul

CHICAGO, October 23, 2020 – Today, the Association for Corporate Growth introduced the Middle-Market Professional certification program, which will provide M&A professionals with an opportunity to

CHICAGO, October 20, 2020 – Today, the Association for Corporate Growth announced key additions to its finance, sales and editorial teams to support the middle-market membership organization’s #OneACG