Association for Corporate Growth Introduces Middle-Market Professional Certification Program


The Middle-Market Professional (MMP) certification program will educate, test and reward, providing improved middle-market visibility

Middle-Market Professional Certification

CHICAGO, October 23, 2020 – Today, the Association for Corporate Growth introduced the Middle-Market Professional certification program, which will provide M&A professionals with an opportunity to learn corporate finance tenets in a virtual, self-paced system.

The Middle-Market Professional (MMP) certification program is a course that, for some, will introduce, and others, reintroduce key middle-market M&A concepts, including financial statement analysis, comprehensive valuation and merger modeling to knowledge-hungry M&A novices and mavericks alike.

“We created the MMP because there was a dearth of learnings that test and access real middle-market M&A knowledge,” said Tom Bohn, CEO and President of ACG. “It was essential for ACG to serve our community of high-achieving professionals with a rewarding program that can propel their career trajectory.” 

Professionals already advanced in their careers can complete the certification program and encourage junior employees, who aspire to be entrenched in the deal process, to use the course to help them become higher-level contributors. With an estimated 60+ hours of material to cover, the course is designed to educate, test and reward.

The MMP certification program delivers lessons in self-guided slides, audio explanations, knowledge-check slides and interstitial videos. After completing the study program, participants will take the certification exam, offered just four times a year. Once professionals complete the program, participants will receive a certificate of achievement, recognition and improved visibility within the middle market.

There are no pre-qualifications required to leverage this valuable course. All professionals with an interest in M&A, private equity, investment banking, accounting, corporate finance advisory, valuation and other financial services are welcome to register for the course the certification program.

The cost of the certification course is $1,895, plus taxes when applicable. 



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