An opportunity to be a judge:
We are ALSO looking for ACG volunteers in the finance professions familiar with various aspects of M&A transactions - including investment banking, private equity, valuations and debt - to act as judges in the 2019 ACG Cup. You will need to be available to judge at least one of the Round I competitions (dates TBD) and/or the Round II final on the morning of April 10th. You don't have to be available on both dates.

The ACG Cup is a case study competition designed to give students from leading MBA programs across the country real world experience and invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity.  Each case study (provided by Houlihan Lokey) gives students a unique opportunity to present valuation, capital markets and M&A strategic advice to a panel of seasoned M&A professionals from within the ACG community.  The competition is carried out through a series of intra-school competitions during the months of March & April. The winning team from each school then participates in the inter-school Round II competition which will take place on April 10, 2019 where the top team will be awarded the prestigious ACG NY Cup title and a cash award.

An opportunity to mentor:
ACG New York is looking for a few great mentors from the investment banking community to inspire and coach MBA students competing in the 2018 ACG Cup. We hope that you might consider helping out.  It would involve just a few hours of your time either in person or by conference call.

About the ACG Cup:
Teams  of 4-6 MBA students each  are given a one week window to develop the financials, strategies  and recommendations for a M&A case study provided by Houlihan Lokey .  The competition includes two parts.  First, students compete against teams at their own schools. These intra-school competitions occur in February-March. The winning team from each school is invited to participate in the finals.  This year the  finals  will take place at the Yale Club in Manhattan, with the awards immediately following a regularly-scheduled ACG monthly luncheon. The 2019 final will take place on April 10th.  The winning school earns the prestigious ACG NY cup  award and the winning MBA student team shares a $10,000 prize. Second place team will share a $2500 prize.

The Role of an ACG Cup Mentor is to share your experience and expertise:
Source materials including a video and case guidelines will be available in the ACG Cup file room. The ACG Cup mentors will have an MBA school team(s) to mentor at the following points in the competition:
1.  Before Student teams review the first case.  In this instance you will be able to:

  • Review Cup participant video and materials with your assigned school team(s).
  • Answer any questions about case structure, tools and other information in the source materials.
  • Guide students on important issues to address in developing a case.
  • Provide any insights as to how to approach, value, strategize and present a winning case.

2. After the first round and before the "finals" case is posted you will have the opportunity to guide the winning team by reviewing  round one analytics and  presentation and give pointers for round two.

You can select the university team(s) that you wish to mentor:
Below is a list of the participating universities.  You may choose to mentor a team from your alma mater or a school that might be geographically convenient for an occasional meet-up. You will have the opportunity to help students understand what goes into "real world" pitching and to give pointers as they refine their presentations.








St. Johns

Being an ACG Cup Mentor is a great opportunity to make a huge difference with students who are motivated, talented, and hotly interested in careers in the investment banking community.


ACG Cares Scholars will be selected from a group of graduate business school students who participated in the Annual ACG Educational Cup Competition.

 This prestigious award will enable students from a broad range of social backgrounds to establish a professional network among leading senior executives in the middle market. This network will help the Scholars build relationships that have the potential to assist them in finding their first - and subsequent - professional jobs and in enhancing business development efforts throughout their careers.

 Since the Scholars Program is predominantly focused on events and professionals in the NY tri-state area, it is highly encouraged that only those applicants who are located in the NY metropolitan area and/or who have the flexibility to frequently travel to the NYC area apply.