Thought Leadership

Bobby Blumenfeld

So what’s the big deal with ACG New York Middle Market Week? Plenty… For the first time, the New York Dealmaking community recognized, as an important group, middle market dealmaking professionals. No

Last week, we attended ACG New York 2017 Westchester Breakfast ‘2nd Annual Cannabis Forum’ event. Here are five of our top takeaways from the panel, which focused on, ‘Cannabis Investing'. Prepared by

On 15th November 2017, we attended the ACG New York’s ‘Middle Market Lending’ event. Here are the five of our top takeaways from the panel, which focuses on the private lending and the reforms concern

Irena Blind
TSG Consumer Partners

With the wave of recent media coverage around issues and challenges facing women in the workplace across various industries – one has to wonder, is my industry any better?

Finance, and private equit

Anthony Bahr

The underlying motive for virtually all mergers and acquisitions is the pursuit of value creation. As documented in our previous article, roughly 60% of post-close value creation can be attributed to