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1. All About Dealmaking: The dealmaking environment accounting for ~13% of global acquisition activity soared during the first half of 2019, primarily due to high levels of dr

Written by Elise Chowdhry, MBA and SHRM-SCP, Managing Principal of Optimum Advisors LLC

As I wrote in “The New Decade Calls for Greater Firm Diversity,” private equity firms that have created a

Written by Elise Chowdhry, MBA, SHRM-SCP, Managing Principal of Optimum Advisors LLC

Although gender diversity has come into focus within private equity over the last decade, female investment

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We attended ACG New York’s Family Office Luncheon Meeting. Here are five of our top takeaways from the panel discussion ‘New Modes of Collaboration: How Family Offices are Partn

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1. Robust Venture Capital and Evolving Strategies: Doing business as a venture capitalist might sound easy, but often, stories of failure point out that lack of experience in a