Letter from ACG OC President


May 22, 2020

Hello ACG Members, Sponsors, and Colleagues:

Time and life's experiences are certainly altered during this pandemic. Time dramatically crawled by in March as the daunting human and economic effects of COVID sank into the heart and minds of every American. Since then, it feels time has lunged forward at a blurry rapid pace, absorbing pandemic shock-n-awe in April, then in May, pivoting to green shoots of hope for what the re-opening would look and feel like.

Like all of us, ACGOC wants to embrace this hope and move forward with our networking business in a meaningful, safe, and responsible way. From talking to many of you, we know how important ACGOC is to your business growth. Your bottom-line goals are why we're focused on a measured approach to re-opening, holding innovative in-person events when cleared to do so by our medical, state, and local leadership. We will ensure that every precaution is taken to alleviate health risks and will adhere to CDC guidelines and California's Pandemic Roadmap to Reopen California.

So, while summer - normally a slower time for ACG meetings - will be focused on virtual events, we are preparing to hold smaller in-person networking events as soon as the State and local venues allow us to do so - and will diligently follow CDC protocol, working with venues to ensure that social distancing, food safety and every protocol relative to in-person meetings are followed.

Our plan is to ramp up our events in stages. We'll hold smaller in-person outdoor events in le summer/early fall and, when California Phase 4 is open, then hold larger meetings thereafter. Until then, we will continue to hold virtual events, utilizing all the innovative online meeting technology to benefit member networking and sponsor exposure goals, in various formats.

In addition to a multitude of virtual academic panels, in coming weeks we'll be hosting virtual networking meetings with groups of twenty as well as virtual 'speed networking' that allow members to interact in small groups and move virtually to the next small group every few minutes. Additionally, we launched 'ACG Orange County Quick Connect.' This troika networking program will coordinate 30-minute virtual meetings in different three member groups every two weeks. We're also planning interactive virtual events, such as cooking and mixology demonstrations, to build camaraderie throughout our membership.

We all know ACGOC provides us with high caliber professional contacts as well as enduring friendships, that's why we're committed members. ACGOC is adapting during this unprecedented time to keep this member benefit strong and look forward to seeing you all 'virtually' this summer, and in-person as soon as we can.


Andrea Casaw signature

Andrea Casaw

President, ACG Orange County

First Vice President, Morgan Stanley