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"What's Happening Now Web Series"
Patrick Healy, Partner, RSM US LLP

The unprecedented disruption to the credit and deal markets due to COVID-19 will have deep and lasting impacts on how we structure M&A deals for the foreseeable future. On our June 18th webinar, Bhara

"What's Happening Now Web Series"
Tim Kardish, 3x PE-backed platform CEO and ACG Philadelphia Board member

Strategic, private equity and family office buyers have seen shifting dynamics in the M&A markets due to the current COVID crisis. On June 11thPeter Hill, Managing Director, Brown Gibbons Lang led an

"What's Happening Now Web Series"
Patrick Bellot, Director, Phoenix Management Services

With sectors of the economy beginning to open, there are more questions than answers on what the new “normal” will be. The lingering commercial impacts of COVID may require businesses to restructure

"What's Happening Now Web Series"
Annie Caucci, NewSpring

As members of the deal community, we don’t often have the opportunity to see the deal life-cycle from the perspective of the Limited Partners making the fund commitments.  In our latest What’s

"What's Happening Now Web Series"
Mark Alvino, CFA, CFGI

Having made it through the initial shock of COVID, the questions now are where, as a deal-making community, do we go from here, what factors will get us back to where we were at the beginning of 2020