Dorota Shortell, CEO, Simplexity Product Development Presentation


Our March 14th event featured Dorota Shortell, CEO of Simplexity Product Development. Dorota held the audience spell bound as she shared openly about the critical issues driving Simplexity top tier business success.  As product developers for technology companies, including Fortune 500 leaders, Dorota and her team breathe engineering. Even better, the next generation products they design and help to bring to market frequently feature ‘mechatronics’.  This is a multi discipline type of engineering combining mechanical engineering with embedded firmware and software. Simplexity is a go-to recognized leader in this area.

During her presentation, Dorota shared plenty of technical information and fascinating reasons why Simplexity has quadrupled in size on Dorota’s watch.  She also did her research, polling company employees on what they liked best about working for the company.

Most fascinating to this writer was Dorota's desire to address the people side of her companies' impressive growth.  In short, when she said ‘it's all about the people', these were not corporate buzz words.  She really meant it.  Dorota leads a team that enjoys incredible flexibility — whether her employees were raising babies, snowboarding or even building a race car after work — everyone wanted the same flexible work schedule. As a recent Stanford grad working for Simplexity years ago, Dorota remembered wanting the very same things.  Her employees manage their workloads independently and are expected to get their work done, of course.  How they do so, however, is up to them.  This flexibility allows new parents to arrange their hours around their babies' needs. Athletic employees may leave early — anytime — whether they need to catch a wave or a run.  At the same time, employees are actually encouraged to use the companies extensive equipment and machinery for their own projects after work hours.

These type of benefits are rare in hard driving technology companies.  As Dorota shared, they are integral to Simplexity’s rapid growth and ability to retain top notch talent.  ACG was extremely proud that CEO Dorota Shortell presented to ACG in March and our audience was ecstatic.