Stephen Lile, Perfect Co. Presents to ACG Members


The Association for Corporate Growth Portland membership was treated to an amazing whirlwind talk from eclectic entrepreneur Stephen Lile as part of the organization’s Peer Growth series. Lile shared a dizzying path of his personal and business history that included the founding of Ensequence an interactive television pioneer, forays into the Hollywood film production business, investment banking connections with the likes of Steve Bannon, work with Bill and Melinda Gates, academic stints at Oxford and Cambridge, and a current project as CFO/Executive Director of Perfect Company a group devoted to developing the connected kitchen.

Mr. Lile shared openly about his successes and failures, and spoke with amazing humility and transparency about his financial gains and losses.

Stephen concluded his talk with a description of a new project as part of this PhD work at Cambridge that brings an innovative model to a curated news platform based on “truth reputation”. The model incorporates an algorithm that assess the reputation of the publisher and reporter with fact checking to provide an assessment to the reader regarding the accuracy of the content. Lile commented that the mission of this initiative is to “Shepard the truth”.

The presentation fully captured the attention of the ACG Portland membership and provided an interesting and provocative look at entrepreneurship, business, culture and life values.