ACG SD PowerLink offers an opportunity to meet other members and guests of monthly breakfast meetings. An ACG SD PowerLink meeting consists of three to four like-minded* individuals. Participants get together in casual settings to build relationships, share ideas and explore opportunities to work together.

How do I participate?

Traditionally, attendees could drop their business card in the bowl at their table at an ACGSD breakfast event.

BUT Now we are taking PowerLink Virtual!

Register online on the designated month's PowerLink page.

Then what?

You will be placed with two or three individuals from the breakfast meeting. The facilitator** will contact you to set up the VIRTUAL Meeting.

There is no set agenda.

*If you are a non-service provider "C-Level" executive, please put "C-Level" on the back of your card. We will match you with other non-service provider "C-Level" executives.

**If you would like to be a facilitator, please write "facilitator" on the back of your business card.

CONTACT: Katelyn Otis / Insperity

Katelyn.otis@insperity.com (480) 636-0842