DEI Policy and Task Force Announcement


We are proud to announce that the ACG Board of Directors has unanimously voted to approve a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy.  

In the newly created policy, ACG has made a commitment to the “vision of a diverse, equitable and inclusive middle-market” by, among other things, intentionally cultivating diverse leadership and representatives within all levels of ACG.  

ACG continues to be the pipeline to deal-making. Through the adoption of the DEI Policy, the ACG network will add more deal opportunities for all members. The major goals are:

  • Pinpoint areas where ACG members are missing investment opportunities
  • Bring new capital to underserved areas
  • Construct new pipelines to deal flow
  • Demonstrate leadership in actively changing the face of ACG where every member's voice is welcomed, encouraged, and represented
  • Illustrate the value in expanding beyond established networks to find more deals
  • Design more intentionality about diversifying ACG's leadership and membership
  • Ensure the middle market is where young professionals of all backgrounds can seek, find, and pursue lifelong, rewarding careers
  • Honor ACG’s mission of actively contributing to a robust middle market whose economic impact is unparalleled

ACG intends to organically, and intentionally, include this policy in all we do going forward. As a first step, we have created a DEI Task Force that will work to assemble a group of volunteer leaders who will develop a blueprint that can be followed across the entire organization, form alliances with other groups that can move initiatives forward, and more. 

We are excited to announce the following members have been appointed to Chair positions on the Task Force:



Martin Okner

President & COO




Christina Bui

Chief Revenue Officer/SVP Business Development

Kranz Consulting


Cornelia Cheng

Managing Director, Western Region Investments

Brightwood Capital Advisors


Rich Grant

Director | Business Development

Northlane Capital Partners, LLC


Christine Melendes, Senior Vice President of Events and Strategic Projects, is supporting this initiative and is open to hearing from you. If you have a particular interest in the work of the DEI Task Force, please reach out to her directly at