Y20 Program


A Young Professionals Group

ACG Seattle is excited to be kicking off another Y20 program class, featuring a selected group of young professionals under the age of 35. The program represents a balanced cross section of the ACG Chapter to promote sharing of knowledge, perspectives and experience across industries.

ACG Seattle has initiated an application process for this young professionals group. Once selected, Y20 members will benefit from educational programs, networking events, and mentorship that runs from September 2017 – June 2019. Y20 members will gain valuable knowledge, insight and resources from their specific programing topics and networking opportunities that best meet their needs as well as their mentorship relationships.

Y20 Benefits

Programs: The programming focuses on issues and activities of particular interest to young professionals in early stages of their career.

Networking: Y20 members have the opportunity to network and establish relationships with other young professionals as well as ACG members.

Mentorship: Selected ACG members serve as mentors to Y20 members. The mentorship relationship is designed to support young professionals and their growth in becoming future business leaders.

Y20 Fee

The two-year program costs $795 and includes: 

  • 4-6 Y20 programs each year
  • 3-5 Y20 networking events each year
  • Complimentary registration to ACG Seattle’s regular monthly programs each year ($745 value)
  • One-year ACG Global membership in second year ($325 value)
  • 50% discount off the registration fee to the Northwest Middle Market Growth Conference™ ($230 value)
  • Mentorship opportunity

Y20 Nominations

Nominations deadline is June 30, 2017. Y20 candidates do not need to be ACG members. Please submit applications with resume to ACG Seattle at kat@kdmanagement.net or fax to 206.299.9098.