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Networking opportunities and peer support for West Michigan's executives in transition



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To better serve our community, ACG launched a new initiative in 2020 for senior executives in career transition.  ACG Western Michigan strives to create a network that supports all aspects of business. The Executive Transition Roundtable creates value for ACG members and our community by offering guidance, support, and networking resources to accelerate job search success. Our first Roundtable session was held on June 18, 2020.  Two years in, we're pleased to report that over 50 participants have taken part, with over 40 having moved on to new opportunities.

ETR accomplishments

Our Roundtable began 2022 with over 40 community connectors who serve as resources for our participants. Many of these connectors attended a monthly meeting to assist our participants in assessing and developing professional skills. A few of the topics covered included

  • Small business focus from the SBDC
  • Franchising opportunities
  • Financial and tax considerations due to severance
  • Using LinkedIn and other social media tools to enhance your profile and search
  • Resume writing and updates
  • Coaching and developing strengths for the next opportunity

Learn more about this program below:

  • WHO: West Michigan senior executives in career transition. Candidates must be senior executives without work but seeking same in West Michigan. ACG members and non-members are welcome to participate. Non-members need to be recommended by an ACG member, connector, or ETR alumnus.
  • WHAT: The "ETR" will offer peer guidance, support, and networking resources to accelerate the success of participants' job searches.
  • HOW: Individuals must be recommended by an ACG Member, connector, or ETR alumnus, and will be asked to complete a short questionnaire about themselves and their search. Our Roundtable screening team will respond to and shepherd through applications. Our team pledges to understand your skills and goals and create opportunities for you to navigate the next step in your career. We will ensure you confidentiality and professional courtesy along the journey.
  • WHEN: Monthly meetings (virtually for now) will be held on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 am.** 
  • The next monthly 2022 session is scheduled for Friday, September 16, 2022. Forms should be submitted no later than September 12 in order to be included for consideration in joining this session.
    (**Meeting date subject to change if the date falls near a major holiday.)
  • 2022 PROPOSED MEETING DATES: Please note that next year's meeting proposed meeting dates are subject to change. The meeting date will be updated above in the "When" section.
    January 14 | March 11 | April 15 | May 13 | June 10 | July 15 September 16 | October 14 | November 11 | December 9
  • GIVING BACK: The Executive Transition Roundtable committee will keep in touch with each participant and will extend a membership invitation to each one who lands his/her next opportunity while part of the initiative. Membership in and community with ACG helps strengthen our greater business community, and we look forward to welcoming our alumni to our chapter! Learn more about chapter membership here: https://www.acg.org/wmich/membership/member-benefits 


(You will be asked to attach an updated resume upon completion of questionnaire. Applications due by September 12, 2022 to participate in the next formal session (scheduled for September 16, 2022)

Participant Benefits:

  • Awareness of the many search options and organizations in the marketplace
  • Sharing information on job opportunities
  • Understanding digital / virtual options, social media and leveraging online platforms
  • Increasing networking opportunities inside and outside ACG
  • Assisting with warm introductions
  • Offering a group that can be suggested / referred to ACG members and approached by those prospecting for candidates
  • Sharing input on resumes and interview preparation (through professionals to which ACG can refer them)
  • Access to a closed LinkedIn group where participants can network and connect.
  • Invitation to attend a limited number of in-person ACG Signature Events to assist in networking an in creating connections.

Monthly Meeting Format:

  • Meetings will take place on the second Friday of each month at 7:30 a.m.**
  • Meetings to be held virtually for the foreseeable future
  • The format will include experienced, top-level speakers and panelists who can engage executives in meaningful conversations about job opportunities and transition skills
    ( **Meeting date subject to change if the date falls near a major holiday.)
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Our committee members are dedicated to providing insight, knowledge, and inspiration to all participants. They are members of our greater business community and believe in ACG Western Michigan's mission to help that community give, get, and grow. 

  • John Rea Business Consultant, JCR Associates

  • Greg Rhodes Business Development Consultant, AEBetancourt

  • Chuck Smeester Executive Recruiter, WilliamCharles Search Group

  • Greg McCormick ACG Western Michigan Board of Directors

  • Heather Edwards Chapter Executive, ACG Western Michigan

Participant Testimonials: 
Read on to hear what some of our recent participants -- who have landed new career opportunities while part of the Roundtable -- have to say!

"The professionalism, quality of contacts and information and overall effectiveness of the networking events organized by the group were exceptional. I have participated in similar organizations in the past, but none where my time was better spent. This is an exceptionally well run organization." ~ Pat M.

"Thank you for including me on the Roundtable. I was able to develop relationships with some very talented individuals. The support I received from the calls proved very valuable, especially the happy hours." ~Jeff V.

"I'm forever grateful for this group and the meetings that helped me through this unusual time in my career."  ~ Angie H.

"I have never experienced an involuntary job loss before and ETR provided a beacon of light and support in the midst of a professional career squall. At a time when you feel most displaced, the ETR community provides a sense of belonging and connection to other talented and highly skilled executive leaders going through a similar experience. I am grateful for these relationships and the insights I gained from them both in business and in life. ETR reminds us we are all human, we are all vulnerable, and we are all worthy."  ~Andy H.

"The ETR has been an incredible program supporting West Michigan executives in transition and has been a strong networking opportunity for all attendees. Great job; I cannot believe this is the first year of programming due to its excellent content. This experience is crucial for any executive who wants to stay in West Michigan. ~Simon V.

"Due to COVID, it was very difficult to create connections with fellow job searchers to understand a new job market and help navigate the transition. I was fortunute to join the ETR group at ACG Western Michigan. It provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with fellow job searchers, but more importantly, and unexpectedly, I was very impressed with the collegial atmosphere of the group. It did not feel like a regular job search networking group. The atmosphere felt more like friends getting together, to share their stories and struggles, helping each other and supporting each other during the transition in an unprecedented time. I felt part of the group right away and will continue to stay connected with ETR as I'm embarking on my new adventure."  ~Rafael R.

"Thankful for the team's time and effort; I think it is a great organization and a tool for candidates. I enjoyed the experience and relationship with ACG, and I like how there were breakout sessions and guests invited to the meetings. I am happy to assist the organization in the future."  ~Jerry J.

"ETR has helped extend my network and not only practice my elevator speech, but also learn about how others are exploring for opportunities. What is working and what may not be working. It also provided some level of comfort that I'm not alone in this and I'm not the only one frustrated with what happened to me personally and what is happening in almost every industry right now. Best part is there are people like Chuck, Greg, John, and Mark who are using their expertise and network to help each person within this group in any way possible -- that is awesome!" ~Rick D.