Outstanding Growth Awards


March 20, 2018


DeVos Place

303 Monroe Avenue NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

    Important Dates

  • October 12, 2017 – Accepting Nominations
  • November 17, 2017 - Nomination Deadline
  • December 5, 2017 - Selection Committee Meets 
  • Early January, 2018 - Finalists and Winner are contacted
  • March 20, 2018 - Outstanding Growth Awards

About the Outstanding Growth Awards

The annual Outstanding Growth Award honors a local company that demonstrates sustained growth in sales, profitability, employment, and community involvement

Eligibility requirements include:

  • An operational/financial other business presence in West Michigan
  • $10 million minimum in annual sales
  • Demonstrated growth in sales, profitability and employment as well as continuing community involvement
  • Availability to present its growth story to ACG Western Michigan guests on March 20, 2018


Each year, the Outstanding Growth Award winner is asked to provide a 45-minute presentation on the challenges faced – and strategies used – to build a track record of growth. The presentation is delivered to a sell-out crowd of approximately 400 of the area’s top executives, business owners, and financiers.


The award itself is actually two awards: a large perpetual trophy the winner gets temporarily and a smaller replica that the winner gets to keep. ACG decided to take the “Stanley Cup approach” — the winning company gets its name imprinted on the large trophy and they get to keep it for a year before turning it over to the next winner.

The winner of the Western Michigan chapter’s Outstanding Growth Award may also be submitted for nomination for the ACG’s National Outstanding Growth Award, given annually by ACG Global at its prestigious Intergrowth Conference.