Nominations & Applications

Nominations & Applications are now OPEN for the 2024 Georgia Fast 40 Awards.

To be considered for this prestigious recognition, we will need to provide your year-end 2021, 2022, and 2023 annual revenues and employee headcount for 2021, 2022, and 2023. This information will only be used for selection purposes and will not be shared beyond a small evaluation team.

Applications for 2024 have closed and will open in the fall for the 2025 Georgia Fast 40 Awards.

Testimonials from Prior Honorees:

Mark Wilson – Chime Solutions:

“Being a part of the Fast 40 was a huge honor. Here at Chime Solutions, we win together. This award gave me a special opportunity to not only celebrate with my team, but extend appreciation for our collaborative efforts to the entire company. Welcoming each person to the “Fast 40 Club” opened the door to new talent, an increase in morale and boosted our company culture.”

Tom Matthesen – Thrive Farmers International:

Though Thrive Farmers focuses its efforts on creating international change by empowering coffee farmers with economic sustainability, we want to be recognized as leaders in our local community as well. We were honored to be selected as #1 growth company in Georgia by ACG in 2016. The process and events served as platforms to connect with key players in the investment and professional service community. As we continue to grow, we always seek to attract the very best talent in Atlanta. This award helped build awareness of our brand among great candidates. Finally, it was a privilege to have the opportunity to meet, interact with and stay connected to other high-growth companies that were highlighted during the process. Thanks, ACG!”

Ben Balsey – Onepath

“The ACG Fast 40 is great external and visible validation of the efforts and commitment by our team and the support of our clients. I think it’s extremely valuable endorsement in the marketplace for attracting talent, capital, or partners.”

Bill Wade – thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the ACG Atlanta Fast 40. We met great people, were introduced to contacts that become customers of, and the event helped fill our war chest of financial and supplier contacts.