ACG Membership Categories


A member who generates income from providing services to corporate and/or equity group members. Service members include: attorneys; accountants; strategy consultants; valuators; recruiters; etc.

  • Accountant - Member is an accountant whose services include providing tax, audit, and/or accounting advice to corporate and/or equity group members.         
  • Attorney - Member is an attorney whose services include advising corporate and/or equity group members.        
  • Banking - Member provides interest rate management or cash management.
  • Consultant - Member is a consultant whose services include providing strategic planning advice to corporate and/or service members.        
  • Recruiter - Member is an executive or other personnel recruiter for either full-time or part-time employees.          
  • Technology - Member is a technology provider whose services include hardware, software, internet, or databases, etc.
  • Valuator - Member is a business valuator and/or compiles statistics for use in valuations.
  • Wealth Manager - Members employed by a wealth management firm.
  • Other - Member provides other services to corporate and/or equity groups but does not fit into any of the above categories.

Capital Providers

  • Equity Group Managing Fund
  • Equity Group Not Managing Fund 
  • Family Office
  • Hedge Fund
  • Lender – Junior Debt
  • Lender – Senior Debt
  • Lender – Mezzanine
  • Lender – Other
  • Limited Partner
  • Venture Capital

A member who works for a company (public or private) and whose job description includes growing the company organically, through acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances, strategic planning, product development, licensing, franchising, etc.

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Corporate Development (ex. VP Corporate Development, VP Strategic Acquisitions) 
  • Corporate Finance (ex. Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Controller)  
  • Corporate Management - Member influences the development of corporate growth of an operating company, i.e. Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Principal or Owner, VP Strategic Planning.


Member is an intermediary whose services include bringing buyers and sellers together and/or identifying sources of debt and equity financing.

  • Business Brokers
  • Investment Bankers                                                                                                    
  • Underwriters 


  • Educators
  • Government
  • NGO Executive/Leader
  • Not Listed Above