2018 Washington Technology Showcase

Tech Showcase - Healthcare

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October 25, 2018 7:30 AM - 12 PM EDT

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 2018 Washington Technology Showcase

Through point-counterpoint discussions, panels and keynote addresses, we will explore:
  • Personalized/Individualized Health
  • Interoperability and Patient Data Access
  • Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
CEO, Mayo Clinic Arizona
Scott Gould
Co-Founder and CEO, Mountain Lake Associates
Peter Levin
CEO, Amida 
COO, Director & CFO, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
The State of the Union of Healthcare Economics   

Each year, the ability to monitor individual health improves. Connected heartrate monitors, scales and blood pressure cuffs, information from sources such as 23andMe, and interoperability across electronic medical records systems are enabling a new era of selfsensing and information sharing.
However, even when there are clear advantages to using intelligent automation and information sharing technology, we must be wise to their use. AI systems are often a black box, where improper training can lead to unusual or catastrophic conclusions. Improper use of medical records can lead to accuracy, security, legal, privacy, cost and interoperability issues. And cybersecurity issues with sensitive yet connected systems present serious concern.
Relevant early-stage companies will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience
Confirmed Pop-Ups 
George Mason University, Dept of Health Administration and Policy  https://hap.gmu.edu
INADEV  https://www.inadev.com
Embody LLC  https://embodyparts.com
Go X Studio   http://goxstudio.com
HeMemics  https://www.hememics.com
Veda Data Solutions https://vedadata.com
Atlas Research https://www.atlasresearch.us
b.well Connected Health https://www.icanbwell.com,
MITRE 4 Conference Center, 7596 Colshire Drive, McLean, VA 22102
Directions to MITRE 4 (pages 4 and 5) 
US Citizens Only
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