M&A Forum

The ACG Nebraska M&A forum provides a roundtable setting in which corporate development and strategy professionals can discuss topics relating directly to mergers and acquisitions, share best practices and experiences, and develop important relationships in a confidential, peer-to-peer environment.  Attendee participation in the discussion is highly encouraged.  The hosting company chooses the topic.  Past events have included:

                  2014 – ConAgra – Integration: Driving Value after the Acquisition

                  2014 – Kiewit – Sourcing Deals: The Link between Strategic Planning and M&A

                  2014 – Tenaska – Transaction Evaluation: Assessing Risks and Potential Mitigation versus Potential Returns

                  2015 – Gavilon – Addressing Cultural Integration Issues: Domestic & International Transactions

                  2015 – McCarthy Capital – Obtaining Management Alignment in M&A Transactions

                  2016 – HDR – Acquisition Valuation – Methods, Processes and Adjustments

Contact Tom Wortmann, Twortmann@scoular.com with questions or to be invited to our next meeting.