Membership Criteria

Membership Criteria and Application Process

ACGSV Membership Application

ACGSV seeks to maintain a membership balance among Corporate Members, Equity Members and Service Members.

The membership process begins with completing an online application (attending a Chapter event is not required prior to submitting an application; however, it is strongly encouraged).

The ACGSV Membership Committee will review each application and may, at its discretion, request a personal or phone interview with a membership candidate. The Membership Committee will make a determination as to whether each candidate should be recommended for Chapter membership and relay recommendations to the ACGSV Board of Directors for consideration at the next monthly Board meeting.

The Membership Committee and the Board of Directors, at their discretion, may consider the following factors, among others, in the determination of whether to accept or reject a membership application:

  • Current membership composition of the Chapter, per the four member types listed below
  • The applicant’s business and leadership experience
  • The applicant’s contacts and networks
  • Potential sponsorship interest and capability
  • The applicant’s willingness to participate and contribute to Chapter activities
  • Sponsorship of the membership application by two members of ACG who are not employed by the applicant’s current employer

Membership in ACGSV is selective and not every applicant will be accepted.


There are four types of ACG SV Members:  

Corporate Members  
Work for a private or public company that sells products. Corporate members have a job function that includes growing the company organically, through acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, alliances, strategic planning, product development, licensing, franchising, etc.

Corporate members typically hold titles such as, but not limited to, Chairman, CEO, President, COO, CFO, SVP or VP. This category also includes serial CEOs or other high level executives who are currently in transition.


Equity Members  
Represent the investment community, including venture capital firms and other direct sources of private equity.  Equity members typically hold titles such as Partner, Managing Director and Principal.


Service Organization Members  
Organizations or individuals whose primary focus is on providing a service rather than a tangible product. Typical examples are attorneys, financial planners, bankers, consultants, recruiters, insurance, etc. Service members typically hold titles such as President, CEO, Owner, Partner, Managing Director, Principal and Senior Vice President.


Individual Service Members
Individuals who meet the criteria of Service Members can qualify for ACGSV membership by introducing to ACGSV one (1) qualified individual or company who joins ACGSV as Corporate or Equity Members three (3) months after submitting a membership application. In addition, you must have a recommendation from a current member of ACGSV.

Any person desiring to become a Service Member must contact ACG directly at, prior to attending a Chapter event. A person interested in becoming a Service Member may attend one (1) chapter event prior to submitting an application for membership. Once the applicant satisfies the criteria for membership and membership application is accepted the Service Member shall be permitted to attend all Chapter events.