Chapter Policies

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ACG Tennessee Chapter Policies


  • ACG Memberships are individual memberships and are not tied to the firm, regardless of how the membership is paid.
  • Starting January 1, 2023 - the introductory Young Professional rate will be good for 2 years. After that time, the member will renew at the full member price.
    • All members of Young Professionals are welcomed and encouraged to attend YP and regular programming.


  • Due to the nature of ACG events, as well as the guarantees and requirements by the often small/medium businesses ACG Tennessee uses as vendors, we cannot offer refunds. ACG Tennessee will work to accommodate individual registration transfers and/or other accommodations when possible. 


  • Any unregistered attendees at ACG Tennessee events will automatically be invoiced at the walk-in/day-of event rate.


  • Opinions and comments by any speaker or panelist at an ACG Tennessee event or program do not necessarily reflect those opinions of the ACG Tennessee Staff, Membership or Sponsors.


  • ACG Tennessee reserves the right to fill open seats with walk-in registrants at the respective event venues once the networking period has passed and the official event programming has begun. In rare instances, this could mean that registered attendees arriving late will not have a seat readily available upon their arrival. In these instances, ACG Tennessee will work to accommodate the attendee and if not able to do so to the attendee's satisfaction, ACG Tennessee will credit their registration fee towards a future event.


  • Anyone requiring dietary or disability-related accommodations should contact Pamela Holz, ACG Tennessee Executive Director within two weeks prior to the event date.


  • ACG Tennessee strongly encourages all attendees to use designated drivers or ride share services from any event where alcohol is served.


  • ACG Tennessee reserves the right to modify, substitute or eliminate attendee, exhibitor and sponsor benefits if needed, if the benefit is not available, and/or to preserve the integrity of the conference attendees’ experience.
  • ACG Tennessee Sponsorships are considered firm and irreversible once email confirmation is received.
  • Prior sponsors are given right of first refusal to renew their sponsorship level for the following year.


  • In order to be fair to all attendees and protect the investment of all conference sponsors, all sponsors, exhibitors and attendees agree not to create or promote outside activities or events that are in conflict with elements of the official posted conference agenda of the MID-SOUTH Capital Connection Conference.  Sponsors, exhibitors, and registered attendees found to be in violation of ACG Tennessee policies and agreements voluntarily forfeit all of the remainder of the sponsor, exhibitor and event attendee benefits that were to be provided to them.


  • When applicable, the intent of the provision of attendee lists is to facilitate targeted networking and meaningful business connections prior to, at, and directly following the event. Acceptance of the attendee list implies agreement to the specific terms and conditions stated on the attendee list. Additionally, the attendee list cannot be distributed to outside parties not directly associated with the event or conference, nor can it be used for mass solicitation purposes of any kind.  Sponsors, exhibitors, member and attendees found to be in violation of ACG Tennessee's policies and agreements voluntarily forfeit all of the remainder of the sponsor, exhibitor, event attendee or member benefits that were to be provided to them. Please contact Pamela Holz, ACG Tennessee's Executive Director, at if you believe any ACG lists are being used inappropriately.


  • Sponsors, exhibitors, event attendees and members are encouraged to receive confirmation from Pamela Holz, Executive Director, in advance to ensure that any planned outside event, activity or attendee list usage does not conflict with these terms and conditions.