Jeff Michael

Jeff Michael
Celebrity Coaches

Jeff Michael, a Chicago native born on September 5, 1969, found his roots transplanted to Tupelo, Mississippi, three years later, thanks to his dad's entrepreneurial spirit and a vision that started with just a pickup truck, a toolbox, and $700. Raised in a home where hard work was as much a part of life as family dinners, Jeff's early life was a masterclass in building something meaningful from the ground up.


After bagging a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics from The University of Mississippi in '92, Jeff dived into the family business, bringing fresh energy to the sales department of Transport Trailer Service. By '97, he was reshaping a sister company, Precision Machine and Metal Fabrication, driving growth with his knack for sales and operations, and notably amping up the company's sales by 40% annually through innovative expansions.


Jeff's curiosity didn't stop at the family biz. He ventured into real estate, turning dilapidated pre-1900 homes, old cotton gins, and even a nuclear fallout shelter into projects of passion. With licenses in general contracting and industrial and residential electricity, Jeff has a knack for seeing potential where others see the past.


The entertainment bus scene has had Jeff's name on it for over two decades. His journey began with Pyramid Coach in 1990, navigating through ownership changes and a 5-year non-compete, only to launch Celebrity Coaches in 2005. Starting with a modest fleet of 12, he grew the company into a global leader, ferrying the world's most talented and intriguing people with a fleet of 60+ buses. Jeff's role has been pivotal, from designing custom coach interiors to developing Star Tracker, a premier software in the industry.


Jeff's journey with Celebrity Coaches has seen him collaborate with a veritable who's who of the music industry. His work has brought him into close quarters with icons such as Motley Crue, Gwen Stefani, and Carrie Underwood, as well as contemporary chart-toppers like Kane Brown and Zac Brown. Jeff's expertise has also supported legends like Greg Allman, rock favorites Nickelback, and pop diva Mariah Carey, among many others. This diverse array of artists not only underscores the versatility and reliability of Celebrity Coaches but also highlights Jeff's ability to meet the unique demands of each artist, ensuring their tours run smoothly and comfortably.


The end of 2023 marked a new chapter as Jeff teamed up Celebrity Coaches with Allied Industrial Partners, aiming for growth and innovation while staying on as the founder and a guiding consultant. 


At home, Jeff's heart belongs to his wife, Amanda Kunefke Michael, and their four kids: Chase, Caroline, Hannah Grace, and Macie. His family is his pride, his grounding force, and the ultimate testament to a life well-lived beyond the boardroom.