Tracy Britt Cool

Tracy B

Tracy Britt Cool is the co-founder of Kanbrick, a long-term investment partnership focused on acquiring and building great companies in the consumer and industrial sectors. At Kanbrick, Britt Cool combines her passion for long-term value investing with her experience as an entrepreneurial-minded operator to help take midsize companies to the next level.  Previously, Britt Cool worked at Berkshire Hathaway for 10 years including 5 years at Berkshire headquarters in Omaha as the Financial Assistant to the Chairman and 5 years as Chief Executive Officer of Pampered Chef, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary based in Chicago. At Pampered Chef, a provider of kitchenware products, Britt Cool turned around a decade-long decline and achieved meaningful growth in revenue and earnings. Additionally, she served on the boards of several Berkshire Hathaway companies including Kraft Heinz, Benjamin Moore, Oriental Trading Company, Larson Juhl, and Johns Manville. A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School, she is the co-founder of Smart Woman Securities, an organization that provides personal finance and investment education to undergraduate women.