Education Programming

Announcing the 2020 Special Initiatives Program Co-Chairs:


Steve Conrad
ACG Toronto


David Poirier
The Poirier Group

Partnership Webinars with FEI Canada


How is Cyber Security impacting the Capital Markets sector?



Raising Capital in a market downturn



M&A in Canada: Opportunities and Trends in the Chaos



Education Seminars 

In conjunction with affiliated organizations, ACG Toronto provides education seminars on a variety of topics aimed at expanding the professional knowledge of its attendees. 

Click here to view upcoming and past seminars presented by ACG's industry partners:

Education Seminars - Presented by Industry Partners


ship Luncheon Series  

The 2019 Leadership Luncheon Series will feature 4 moderated panel discussions on diverse topics with senior executives from national and regional organizations.  The discussions will take place throughout the fiscal year, on a quarterly basis at locations downtown Toronto.

The luncheon seminars provide excellent networking and business development opportunities and attracts the full range of attendees from industries such as Commercial Banks, Specialty Lenders, Investment and Private Equity firms, as well as Advisors from the Legal, Corporate Finance and Accounting sectors.

Click here to view the 2019 Leadership Luncheon Series:

Leadership Luncheon Series