Travis Hendren

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Travis Hendren has been Vice President of Corporate Development and M&A at GMS, Inc. since June 2014. Mr. Hendren is responsible for leading the inorganic growth strategy of GMS, including acquisitions and greenfields. Since Mr. Hendren joined GMS, the Company has grown from 136 locations in 28 states with $1.35 billion of sales to almost 250 locations in 42 states and 5 Canadian Provinces with over $3 billion in annual revenues. Over his four years, GMS has completed over 25 acquisitions and opened over 30 greenfield locations.  Prior to joining us, Mr. Hendren served as a Managing Director at Algon Group, from December 2008 until May 2014. Mr. Hendren has over 20 years of experience working with leading building materials manufacturers and distributors as well as real estate development, construction and investment companies. Mr. Hendren earned a B.S.B.A with distinction from the University of North Carolina.