Success Stories

Louisa Yeung – Senior Associate, M&A Advisory, Deloitte 






As a young working professional, joining the ACG Mentorship Program was a great way for me to expand my network and connect with senior executives in the business community. My mentor provided thoughtful advice and perspectives on my career progression. Having a mentor is crucial at any career stage and I truly value the relationship I have built with mine as I know I can reach out for support and guidance any time.



Randeep Janjua, CA – Associate Manager, Growth and Transition Capital, BDC






The program emphasized the importance of taking a strategic approach to my career. My mentor effectively identified the potential buried within my past experiences and outlined several potential career paths that would be in congruence with my skillset and ambition. The lessons learned through the sessions with my mentor will be invaluable as I look to progress my career.



Alexis Tattrie, CA – Company Planning, Lululemon






The mentorship program provided me several opportunities to connect with experienced mentors and grow my local network. I found that my mentor-mentee relationship was particularly powerful given how much I feel I have grown over the past year. My mentor helped me discover my true growth potential, improve upon my communication skills and better articulate myself during uncomfortable conversations at work. All, in all, I feel invigorated and motivated to continue striving for my-own definition of success.



Pilita Policar - Analyst, Deloitte Corporate Finance Inc.

The ACG mentorship program was one of the best initiatives I have ever been a part of. I'm so grateful to have been given a mentor I highly respect, look up to, and grew to trust tremendously. I contacted her for every professional decision I made at work, including pitching for an upcoming promotion and how to face conflict on a deal team. She was hard on me, pushed me, and challenged my opinions, but also ultimately believed in me. This was important because she made sure I still took ownership of my decisions, while taking her advice into consideration. Although her experiences aren't identical to my current career and future ambitions, she seemed to know exactly how to handle every conversation. The biggest thing I've learned is how to take the information I have and the objectives I'd like to achieve and use that to communicate my message confidently while considering the person/people I am speaking to - a skill I will take with me through my career progression and as I strive for my professional goals. Due to an awesome personal fit as well, I grew to care for her and her family, and she is someone I plan to keep as a mentor and a friend, for hopefully the rest of my career and life! Thank you to the ACG team!