ACG Chicago is the premier network of professionals driving corporate growth in the middle market.

Within that community of leaders we are proud to gather those with common interests in particular niches or industries (click on the titles below for more information, event links & the committee leadership links):


This industry is facing massive change as clean, healthy and often plant-based foods take the world by storm. We are proud to say that our conferences have been ahead of their time projecting much of this change and where high growth investments can be found.

This network of investors, lenders, investment bankers, corporate development officers, and very experienced specialty advisors need to understand the rapidly changing dynamics of healthcare.


If you’re interested in helping this crew please click here to find leaders on that committee.

Manufacturing has been thrust to the forefront of the news due to politics, tariffs, regulations and more. Add to that the digitalization that is creating new threats and opportunities and you have a recipe for great investments and great risk.

The committee developing all these insights can be

Our NextGen Leaders are professionals who are qualified to be ACG members and are age 40 and younger. This community of young professionals explore best practices and share in professional development through a variety of educational, networking and social events.

ACG Chicago is proud to boast this successful network of women many of whom have been publicly recognized as national leaders in their industries as well as advocates for women in finance, law, investment banking, ESOPs, and many other specialties of corporate growth.

This group also hosts social