ACG Holland is the premier association in the Netherlands for middle market deal making professionals: private capital providers, M&A advisors, corporate executives, accountants, attorneys and other related service providers. The Board of 13 dedicated members focus on the needs of these professionals to build unparalleled opportunities for networking, deal-making and professional development. We host regular events in Amsterdam attended by over 500 professionals throughout the year of which 200 regularly attend.

No other network gives you this exclusive local and global network of senior corporate executives, M&A professionals & advisors. See Member's Benefits page.


Le pouvoir d'ACG

Fondée en 1954, "Association for Corporate Growth" compte 14 500 membres répartis dans le monde entier. ACG sert 90 000 investisseurs, dirigeants, prêteurs et conseillers pour le marché des moyennes entreprises. La mission d'ACG est de stimuler la croissance du marché des moyennes entreprises.