Mathijs Bouman on the current Dutch economic boom & how long it will last


On 20th November 2018, Bolster Investment Partners invited Mathijs Bouman to share his thoughts with ACG Holland members and guests on a crucial question for investors; how long will the current economic boom last? It is a key question, especially considering the high multiples being paid for companies on all time high profits. 

Mathijs Bouman is a well-known economist and journalist in the Netherlands who is regularly asked to give his opinion on national television. In his presentation he compared the current economic situation with what we have seen in the past. He discussed the position of the Netherlands against other countries and the focus that business leaders should have today. With multiple teasing arguments, his conclusion amongst others was that demand is much bigger than supply, driven primarily by a shortage of labour. The focus therefore should be on attracting, retaining and developing the right people instead of focusing on sales.  

Commenting on the event, Mark van Rijn, Partner at Bolster Investment Partners said: "We had an excellent turnout for this event with more than 120 members and guests of ACG Holland in the room. The lunch that followed was crowded and enjoyable with everyone discussing the ideas and through provoking themes that Mathijs had raised. We have held many events with ACG, but this was our first as Bolster Investment Partners. I am very pleased with how it went."