Webinar - Diversity is a Given, Inclusion is a Choice

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On Tuesday 17th November TPC Leadership, a trusted leadership development and coaching consultancy operating globally within many large organisations, hosted an interactive webinar for ACG Holland. The topic? Diversity is a given, Inclusion is a choice. 

Once upon a time businesses saw inclusivity as simply a hygiene factor (ie. a nice to have but not a motivational or operational requirement). That time is now behind us.

Driving the inclusivity agenda today is the need for competitive advantage and the need to win the recruitment war regarding talent & clients.

In this webinar we will take you through what it takes for an organisation, and for the individual, to break through rigid, ingrained patterns and become truly inclusive. Being aware and knowledgeable of potential biases is no longer enough - are you ready to do more and be an inclusion ambassador?

The two hosts from TPC Leadership were:

Frouke Horstmann:

Frouke's background and practice is both rooted in human resources and leadership development & coaching consultancy.

- Leadership & Coaching Consultancy: the last 10+ years Frouke has worked as a leadership consultant, facilitator and executive (team) coach on national and international projects, being Managing Partner of TPC Leadership Netherlands

- Human Resources: in the first part of her career Frouke was head of HR and member of the management team. She has extensive experience as sparring partner and coach for executive and mid-level management on organisation and human resources matters.

Annelieke Jense:

Annelieke is the managing partner of TPC Leadership Global and is leading their global industry for professional services. Prior to joining TPC, she worked for a leading HR consultancy in the Netherlands. In this role she managed a broad range of tailor-made development programmes around leadership, coaching and mediation. Many of her clients were within professional services, with whom she worked on developing a coaching culture. Seconded as learning & development manager for a consumer goods multinational (Cow & Gate and Milupa brands), she built and managed their corporate university.