ACG Indiana Annual Corporate Value Awards


The ACG Indiana Annual Corporate Value Awards committee relies on members and associates to take this opportunity to profile clients, associates or other worthy nominees.

ACG Indiana is now seeking company nominations from ACG Indiana members and advisers for the 2021 Corporate Value Awards and the Deal of the Year Award

There are two categories of Corporate Value Awards, companies that have less than $500 million in revenue and companies that have greater than $500 million in revenue.

Primary consideration will be given to companies that have and continue to create the greatest corporate value benefit to its stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and community. Economic growth, financial growth, job growth, organic growth, and/or acquisition growth could also be a consideration for creating corporate value.

The Deal of the Year Award will be awarded to a company or group of individuals who have performed services on an M&A transaction during the course of calendar year 2020.

Primary considerations will include interesting or unique aspects of the transaction, the impact of the transaction on Indiana, and the impact of the transaction on the industry. Size of the transaction will be a secondary consideration.