Thought Leadership

The ACG Indiana Annual Corporate Value Awards committee relies on members and associates to take this opportunity to profile clients, associates or other worthy nominees.

ACG Indiana is now seeking

Michael Millikan
Ice Miller, LLP
“Why and What is ACG?” The question was posed to me a few months back by an executive who was new to Indianapolis. We were connected by a mutual friend from college, and he wanted to know my thoughts on how he could best network with other executives and professionals in the area. My immediate answer was for him to join ACG, which prompted his question. I started with the “What” and gave him the tag-line explanation: ACG is a worldwide organization consisting of executives, investors, advisors and lenders who focus on driving middle market growth. In plain English, I explained that ACG is basically a group of people that want to grow businesses they either run or in which they are invested and advisors that want to help with that process. There are over 14,500 worldwide members, but the real value is the 180 members in our local chapter.
Bob Greising & Brian Heaton
M&A Partners at Krieg DeVault LLP
When it comes to government incentives, 2018 could be described as a financial “polar vortex” as Amazon sought to make lightning strike twice by partnering with local governments to establish its second world headquarters. Middle market companies may be asking, as many certainly have, where is mine? You will need to do more than merely ask for it, but those same federal and state programs available to Amazon can support, launch, and ensure success of middle market growth strategies.