About ACG Louisiana

About Us

Welcome to the premiere middle-market M&A association in Louisiana. With over 130 dealmaking members and 20 plus events per year, ACG Louisiana is the ultimate resource for professionals in mergers and acquisitions. Members of ACG have access to a variety of tools to enhance their professional development, knowledge base and networking. ACG members receive a wealth of information and resources at both the global and local levels.

ACG Louisiana Founding Members

The ACG Louisiana Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth was founded by Les Alexander and Aaron Dirks. The organizing committee consisted of Les Alexander, Aaron Dirks, Westy Ballard, Mike Roher, Mike Kirby, Nemo Viso, Bob Cowin, Leon Rittenberg III, Bill Hines, Shawn Normand, Jim Rogers, Hardy Fowler, Kevin Rafferty, Michael Landry, Guy Cook and Greg Rosenstein.

ACG Louisiana was officially recognized as a chapter in formation on November 16, 2004 from ACG Global.  

ACG Louisiana Past Presidents

Les Alexander (2004-2006)

Aaron Dirks (2007)

Vanessa Brown Claiborne (2008)

Leon Rittenberg III (2009)

Scott Whittaker (2010-2011)

Dorothy Clyne (2012)

Bob Brickman (2013-2014)

David Rieveschl (2015-2017)

Eli Feinstein (2017-2019)

Claude Silverman (2019 - 2021)

Frank deVay ( 2021 - 2024 )