ACG MD University



ACG Maryland University accepts applications from up-and-coming M&A deal makers who possess 2 or more years of deal experience. Classes, which are led by experienced professionals, engage students through lecture and hands-on case work to create savvy, knowledgeable and skilled dealmakers as well as create associates which will facilitate long-term relationship/network building among future M&A leaders within the deal community. Classes are led by experienced professionals. The series drives the knowledge and skills to understand the art of the deal in a comprehensive way. Course graduates foster the long-term relationship/network building among M&A professionals within the deal community.

Class topics follow:

Strategic and Opportunity Analysis – Sourcing Deals
Key Content:
Understanding acquirer’s investment strategy and criteria
How exit strategy plays into sourcing
Strategies for sourcing opportunities
Evaluating/diligence the deal
Investment Process/proposal/investment committee

Valuation and Due Diligence
Key Content:
Methods and Approach of Valuation, discounted cash flow, publicly traded comps, comparable transaction analysis, leveraged buyout analysis
Relationship and interdependence of diligence work streams
Quantifying risks/deficiencies; developing mitigation strategies
Due Diligence areas – Finance/Accounting; Operations, IT, Human Capital, Market, Legal, Insurance and Real Estate/Environment

Arranging Financing
Key Content:
Understanding the use of leverage and transaction structuring
Pricing and matching debt capital to the deal
Financing alternatives
Historical metrics of leverage
Calculating levered returns

Negotiating Purchase Agreement/Legal Documents & Closing
Key Content:  
Letter of Intent considerations
Overview of purchase agreement, nuances, structure, timing, goals
Current trends in deal Metrics, ABA Deal Points Study
Understanding fact patterns and key terms/issues
Negotiations Key Issues

Post Closing Integration and Why Deals Fail?   
Key Content:
M&A integration challenges
Plan & Structure Integration Management Office (IMO)
Synergy program management
Communication planning priorities
Common mistakes & why deals fail


The program culminates with a graduation ceremony and happy hour celebration. The 5 course series is $500 and includes a 1 year membership to ACG Maryland. Applicants should be 35 or under with 2+ years of professional experience. Classes take place from late September through December.

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