ACG MD University



ACG Maryland University accepts applications from up-and-coming M&A deal makers who possess 2 or more years of deal experience.  Classes, which are led by experienced professionals, engage students through lecture and hands-on case work to create savvy, knowledgeable and skilled dealmakers as well as create associates which will facilitate long-term relationship/network building among future M&A leaders within the deal community.   Classes are led by experienced professionals. The series drives the knowledge and skills to understand the art of the deal in a comprehensive way.  Course graduates foster the long-term relationship/network building among M&A professionals within the deal community.

Class topics follow:

Strategic and Opportunity Analysis – Sourcing Deals
Key Content:
Understanding acquirer’s investment strategy and criteria
How exit strategy plays into sourcing
Strategies for sourcing opportunities
Evaluating/diligence the deal
Investment Process/proposal/investment committee

Arranging Financing
Key Content:
Understanding the use of leverage and transaction structuring
Pricing and matching debt capital to the deal
Financing alternatives
Historical metrics of leverage
Calculating levered returns

Valuation and Due Diligence
Key Content:
Methods and Approach of Valuation, discounted cash flow, publicly traded comps, comparable transaction analysis, leveraged buyout analysis
Relationship and interdependence of diligence work streams
Quantifying risks/deficiencies; developing mitigation strategies
Due Diligence areas – Finance/Accounting; Operations, IT, Human Capital, Market, Legal, Insurance and Real Estate/Environment

Negotiating Purchase Agreement/Legal Documents & Closing
Key Content:  
Letter of Intent considerations
Overview of purchase agreement, nuances, structure, timing, goals
Current trends in deal Metrics, ABA Deal Points Study
Understanding fact patterns and key terms/issues
Negotiations Key Issues

Post Closing Integration and Why Deals Fail?   
Key Content:
M&A integration challenges
Plan & Structure Integration Management Office (IMO)
Synergy program management
Communication planning priorities
Common mistakes & why deals fail


The program culminates with a graduation ceremony and happy hour celebration. The 5 course series is $500 and includes a 1 year membership to ACG Maryland. Applicants should be 35 or under with 2+ years of professional experience. Classes take place from late September through December.

For more information including class dates contact ACG Maryland (443) 640-1063 or