2017 Technology Showcase

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October 25, 2017 8:30 AM - 1 PM EDT



US Citizens Only - Attendance to this event is limited to corporate executives, capital providers, private equity groups, investment banks, USG and MITRE employees.  No advisory firms or service providers please.

2017 Technology Showcase
Building the Innovation Bridge: with a Focus on Artificial Intelligence

  “Trusting Artificial Intelligence in the National Security and Healthcare Domains.”

A Collaboration between ACG National Capital and MITRE


Program Schedule
Welcoming Remarks  Richard Byrne, SVP for Programs and Technology, MITRE

Opening Keynote Speaker  Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia


Trusting AI in the Healthcare Domain

Shawn Dolley, Industry Leader, Health & Life Science at Cloudera
Dr. Neil Weissman MD, Director, Cardiovascular Core Laboratories at MedStar Health
Dr. Jon White MD, Deputy National Coordinator at Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Moderator, Dawn Halfaker, President and CEO, Halfaker and Associates, LLC


Healthcare Innovative Ideas
Gerhard Pilcher, Elder Research
Erin Hawley, DataRobot


Trusting AI in the National Security Domain

Anup Ghosh, Chief Strategist, Next Gen Endpoint at Sophos
Steve Welby, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
Moderator:  Chuck Howell, Chief Engineer for Intelligence Programs & Integration, The MITRE Corporation


National Security Domain Innovative Ideas

Raj Patil, CEO, AEEC
John Kaufhold, Deep Learning Analytics
Bryan Ware, Haystax
Mark Dumas, Planet Risk 


Demonstrating Companies:
ATA LLC  ata-llc.com
Circa Victor  circavictor.com
DataRobot  datarobot.com
Deep Learning Analytics  deeplearninganalytics.com
Definitive Business Solutions  definitiveinc.com    

Elder Research elderresearch.com
Haystax haystax.com
Planet Risk planetrisk.com
Recorded Future recordedfuture.com
Threatswitch  threatswitch.com
MITRE Project Demonstrations:
Automatic Cyber Dependency Mapping
Building Effective Machine Learning for Cyber Security
Digital Copilot
Distributed Large-scale Learning for Analytics
Patient and Medication Safety
Prioritizing Strategies to Improve Clinical Trials 


7:30 AM                      Registration and light breakfast
8:00 AM                      Welcome and Introduction
8:15-8:45 AM             Governor McAuliffe
8:45-9:25 AM             Panel - Trusting AI in the Healthcare Domain
9:25-9:45 AM             Innovative Ideas I (4-5 presentations)
9:50-10:20 AM            Break
10:20-11:00 AM          Panel - Trusting AI in the National Security Domain
11:00-11:20 AM          Innovative Ideas II (4-5 presentations)
11:20 AM-1200 PM    Demonstrations and Networking


Trusting Artificial Intelligence in the National Security and Healthcare Domains

Putting “analyst”, “warfighter” and “physician” in the same sentence might initially seem odd, yet all three are trying to assimilate a mountain of data into a prognosis about your health, the intent of a foreign nation, or whether a target is hostile or friendly.  The rate at which that decision is made can literally mean life and death to all three of these professionals.  It is therefore no mystery as to why each one is very suspicious of relinquishing control to a computer algorithm.  Even when there are clear advantages to using intelligent automation, and the end-user is fully on board with AI, there are regulating agencies and acquisition hurdles that make the acquiring of AI capabilities a challenge. 


Research efforts are ongoing through DARPA and other academic institutions, looking at ways to make AI decisions more transparent and understandable to those who must decide to buy or use them. Ultimately however, each developer of innovative AI solutions will face a combination of cultural, regulatory and policy hurdles. Investors will take these factors into consideration when determining how much uncertainty they are willing to tolerate for their investments. And all parties will be interested in ways to overcome these hurdles. We will focus on innovative AI technologies as well as “trusting” AI - how we get from the drafting board to the user.
  • Technical challenges and innovative solutions from across government and industry.
  • Regulatory challenges and what has worked in the past to get capabilities in the hands of the end users.
  • How to prepare for roadblocks thrown up in front of your product as early on in the development cycle as possible.
  • How early planning can mitigate investment risk.


ACG Mission Statement

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MITRE Mission Statement
One public interest company, working with industry and academia to advance and apply science, technology, systems engineering, and strategy, enabling government and the private sector to make better decisions and implement solutions to complex challenges of national and global significance Our mission emphasizes our aspiration to be our sponsors’ strategic thinking partner and drive needed change through the application of science, technology, and systems engineering.  



Friday, December 2, 2016
Inaugural Technology Showcase
 Building the Innovation Bridge
With a Focus on Digital Intelligence 

Over 150 attended the inaugural showcase last year which featured a half-day of programs and firm demos.
Program Schedule 
Welcome by Al Grasso, President and CEO, MITRE

Moderated Discussion - “Innovation and Technology in the Government Acquisition Process
Rick Gordon, Managing Partner, Mach37
Dr. Bill LaPlante, VP, Intelligence Portfolio, National Security Engineering Center, MITRE
Nick Wakeman, Editor in Chief, Washington Technology (moderator)
Watch here.

Digital and Anticipatory Intelligence 
   Axon AI
Watch here.
Information Sharing
   Berico Technologies
   Virgil Security
Watch here.
Autonomous Systems: Sensing, Reasoning, Responding, Sharing
   MAG Aerospace
Watch here.

Demonstrating Firms
Atomicorp   www.atomicorp.com
Berico Technologies   www.bericotechnologies.com
CargoSense   www.cargosense.com
Cyph   www.cyph.com
PlanetRisk   www.planetrisk.com
Snapdata    www.snapdata.io
Tensorwrench   www.tensorwrench.com
ThreatConnect    www.threatconnect.com
VectorX Labs   www. vectorx-labs.com