COVID Q&A and Cancellation Policy

We will continue to monitor the Delta variant, remain vigilant and adhere to recommended cautionary measures, protocols and guidelines from leading health organizations and local authorities. We will adjust or add precautionary measures as necessary to ensure the health and safety of our event attendees and staff.

Should you have any questions not addressed here, please contact Bretany Pilko at

Safety Protocols:

  1. Are vaccinations required to attend M&A East DealSource & Golf?

    All attendees must be fully vaccinated to attend any aspect of M&A East 2021. Attendees will receive a detailed email from ACG Philadelphia on how to create their secure health pass.
  2. How will you accept proof of vaccination and ensure my privacy?

    To ensure your privacy, we are using a secure, digital tool which is free to the user, Clear Health Pass. Through this app you’ll be able to easily upload your vaccination details, confirm your identity, and answer a few health screening questions.  Administrators do not have access to any individual information. Learn more about Clear Health Pass here.
  3. Can I use my Excelsior or Docket Vaccine Pass, or bring my vaccination card instead of Clear?

    No, even if you have another Vaccine Pass, we will require you to complete our Clear Health Pass because it is linked to our specific event and our required health screening questions. Finally, it serves as a definitive record of who was in attendance.

  4. What safety restrictions/guidelines does the venue have in place?

    In regards to vaccination protocols, Convention Center and Aramark staff are following the mandates being put forth by the PACC and the City, in addition to those being required by ACG Philadelphia. 

    Furthermore, the Pennsylvania Convention Center has adopted a comprehensive operations plan that focuses on several key areas, and include:

    - Daily health questionnaire for staff upon arrival and ensuring staff understand their health and the health of those around them is an important responsibility.

    Cleaning the facility to the highest standards, as well as having important air quality improvements including:
    1. Increasing building outside air intake/air exchange rates during occupied event hours.
    2. Advanced plasma air purification technology for larger spaces, and
    3. Escalator handrails sterilized using UV-light technology.
  5. Can you describe the space that attendee will be in?

    ACG Philadelphia contracts our own space and we will not co-mingle with any other groups.

    The Ballroom for DealSource is very spacious with 36’ ceilings and capacity for 1470 people – providing ample space for our ~350 total attendees.  Many attendees will be spread out in the Prefunction space which has an open floor plan and is the length of a football field. 

For any cancellation please email

  1. I registered as a General Attendee, which is no longer an option, can I get a refund?

    Yes, if you are registered for M&A East as a General Attendee we will issue you a full refund, without applying a cancellation fee. If you are a private equity investor or investment banker, and are currently registered as a General Attendee you may re-register for the PE/IB DealSource ticket while space remains available. 
  1. I need to cancel my registration for DealSource, can I get a refund?

    Registration cancellation (outside of Covid related reasons) should be made no later than Friday, September 24 and are eligible for a full refund, less a $50 processing fee. After September 24, registration payment can be transferred to another attendee or carried to 2022.

    Replacements are preferable in advance but can be made on site. For any onsite replacements, the attendee will need to complete the check in process showing proof of vaccination through our Clear Health Pass App0 and responding to our Covid questions on their phone which will take 5 minutes.
  2. I am registered for DealSource, but what if I have a last minute change in firm policy or illness arises, can I still participate?

    We are prioritizing in person meetings.  However, even if you can no longer attend in person, for whatever reason (confirmed Covid, exposure, firm ban on events or travel, or personal comfort level), you can easily convert your DealSource meetings to virtual on our ACG Access platform.
  3. What if the new DealSource Plus format cannot be held in person?

    While we believe this is an unlikely scenario, however, if ACG Philadelphia cannot hold DealSource in person, due to events beyond our control, we will easily convert all meetings to a virtual format on ACG Access, thus allowing your continued participation.

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October 26, 2021