Code of Conduct

ACG San Diego takes its members’ responsibilities with respect to the code of conduct very seriously. We will enforce the expulsion policy at the Chapter level - as outlined in Article VI, Section 4 of the national ACG Bylaws - without fear or favor.

Section 4c will be enforced with respect to any illegal activity as well as sexual harassment or disparaging and libelous comments about a member or their company. Additionally, any non-member attending an ACG San Diego event found to be in violation of the code of ethics will not be permitted to participate in any future ACG San Diego activity. We are here to offer a comfortable environment for members. If you experience or witness an inappropriate incident, please contact the anonymous ACG anti-harassment hotline: (844) 677-3030.

The national Bylaws state:

4. Member Responsibilities. Each Member is responsible for:

  • conducting his or her activities in a manner that reflects positively on the Association;
  • avoiding conduct that is not in the best interests of, or in opposition to the best interests of, the Association; and
  • in his or her dealings with his or her fellow Members and with Association and Chapter staff, observing appropriate standards of decorum, courtesy and respect.

5. Expulsions: A Member may be expelled for failure to perform his or her responsibilities under Article IV. Such expulsion may be effected by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors at a duly called meeting.

Before any Member can be expelled under Article IV, that Member shall be notified in writing of the alleged violation(s) or cause(s) no less than four weeks before expulsion proceedings are to take place and shall have the right to be heard by the Board of Directors.

A person’s expulsion from membership in the Association shall automatically result in his or her expulsion from Membership in the Chapter(s) of which he or she is a member.